's Top 25 articles for 2012

2012 News of the Year The 25 articles from the past year that generated the most reader traffic on WORLD's website | Mickey McLean's Top 25 articles for 2012

Dinesh D’Souza
Cindy Ord/Getty Images

1. King's crisis

RELIGION | After a meteoric rise in the evangelical world, The King’s College president Dinesh D’Souza now faces his board’s likely questions about his relationship to a woman not his wife | by Warren Cole Smith | Lead Stories: Oct. 16 and Magazine: Nov. 3

2. Boy crazy

SCIENCE | The United States is a new mecca for parents who choose their baby's sex | by Daniel James Devine | Magazine: Oct. 6

3. The David Barton controversy

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RELIGION | Christian critics challenge WallBuilders president on America's founders | by Thomas S. Kidd | Lead Stories: Aug. 7 and Magazine: Aug. 25

4. No pious baloney

RELIGION | Eric Metaxas brings down the house with an aggressive attack on 'phony religiosity' at the annual National Prayer Breakfast | by Emily Belz | Lead Stories: Feb. 2

jeffersonlies0809_1.jpg5. 'Lost confidence'

RELIGION | Publisher Thomas Nelson decides to pull David Barton's controversial book on Thomas Jefferson's faith | by Thomas S. Kidd | Lead Stories: Aug. 9

6. D'Souza resigns

EDUCATION | In the midst of controversy, Dinesh D’Souza steps down as president of The King’s College | by Warren Cole Smith | Lead Stories: Oct. 18

7. Disorderly prayers

RELIGION | Pastors and lay people arrested for praying in protest of New York's ban on churches meeting in public schools | by Tiffany Owens | Lead Stories: Jan. 13

8. Sex, lies & television

MEDIA | Lawsuits involving the world's largest Christian broadcasting network may hang by a flash drive | by Warren Cole Smith | Magazine: Sept. 8

9. Conscience killer?

MOVIES | The Hunger Games is a compelling story that can sensitize or desensitize teens to darkness | by Emily Whitten | Lead Stories: March 23 and Magazine: April 7

amish1105.jpg10. Getting out the Amish vote

RELIGION | Turnout may prove pivotal in Ohio and Pennsylvania | by Daniel James Devine | Daily Dispatches: Nov. 5

11. ‘Ana is with Jesus’

SHOOTING | A portrait of one family affected by Friday’s mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., as they prepare for their daughter’s funeral | by Emily Belz | Lead Stories: Dec. 19

12. Party crasher in Charlotte

POLITICS | At least one Democratic delegate will lead the charge opposing his party's stance on same-sex 'marriage' this week at the convention | by Jamie Dean | Lead Stories: Sept. 3

13. Ryan's run

POLITICS | What many deemed an unsafe choice for vice president may turn out to be the safety net Mitt Romney needs most | by Jamie Dean | Lead Stories: Aug. 11

14. Altar calling

MARRIAGE | A name change is God's gift for the remains of the day | by Andrée Seu Peterson | Magazine: May 19

voskamp2.jpg15. The write way

Q&A | Author Ann Voskamp says reading, list making, and waiting on the Lord are integral to the creative process | by Marvin Olasky | Magazine: July 14

16. 'Threats' and 'changes'

RELIGION | National Association of Evangelicals President Leith Anderson sends out an email questioning WORLD's coverage | by Marvin Olasky | Lead Stories: June 23

17. 'God's man'

OBITUARY | Charles Colson, who went from Watergate felon to evangelical leader, has died at age 80 | by Emily Belz | Lead Stories: April 21

18. Colson hospitalized

RELIGION | Evangelical leader and prison ministry founder Chuck Colson is in critical condition | by Mindy Belz | Lead Stories: April 4

19. Killed in action

IRAQ American teacher Jeremiah Small is fatally shot by a student in an Iraqi classroom | by Mindy Belz | Lead Stories: March 1

marvin0131.jpg20. 'Alarmed and saddened'

ABORTION | Planned Parenthood reacts to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure's decision to cut its funding | by Marvin Olasky | Lead Stories: Jan. 31

21. Campus ministry conflict

RELIGION | Cru finds itself in debate over women’s roles in ministry | by Thomas S. Kidd | Magazine: Dec. 15

22. The money trail

RELIGION | The National Association of Evangelicals and contraception for the unmarried | by Marvin Olasky | Lead Stories: June 21

23.  Iranian pastor released

IRAN | Iranian authorities acquit and free pastor Youcef Nadarkhani after three years of imprisonment | by Jamie Dean | Lead Stories: Sept. 8

24. Doubting Darwin

SCIENCE | Panic in the suites of evolution | by Marvin Olasky | Magazine: May 5

25. Evolved

MARRIAGE | Citing his faith, President Obama announces his support of same-sex marriage, and conservatives see political opportunity | by Emily Belz | Lead Stories: May 9

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