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An old disease on a scary new rampage in West Africa

By Steve Jordahl

Health | An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus is attacking Western Africa in a way health workers have never seen. “It is serious because it’s the first time that…

Flip this country

By Steve Jordahl

Culture | TV show or not, David Benham and his brother stand for biblical values and won’t back down

The World and Everything in It - Sep 4 2013

Podcast | IRS and Holly Paz, Obamacare alternatives, faith-based dorm life

The World and Everything in It - Sep 3 2013

Podcast | Cal Thomas on Syria, Obamacare, another view on civil rights, football season and worship

This Is News - Jun 17 2013

Podcast | Gang of Eight members sound off on immigration reform, new questions are raised about the NSA, North Korea offers to negotiate, leaders formulate a response to Syria, Rand Paul discusses the "war on Christianity"

This Is News - Jun 14 2013

Podcast | FBI director says NSA leaks are damaging, the White House confirms the use of chemical weapons in Syria, more trouble for the State Department as another internal memo is released, the Vatican has a scandal on its hands, the U.S. markets gain on consumer spending and labor market reports

This Is News - Jun 13 2013

Podcast | Rebel forces in Syria massacre Shiites in a reprisal raid, the NSA defends its digital surveillance programs, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs disputes the second in command in Benghazi, a report that the budget deficit widened, Wall Street suffers the first three-day loss of the year, the Southern Baptist Convention finishes up and shares thoughts on the Boy Scouts controversy

This Is News - Jun 12 2013

Podcast | Immigration reform debate opens in Senate, Democrat calls for hearings on NSA, State Department acknowledges scandal but calls it

This Is News - Jun 11 2013

Podcast | Another State Department scandal brews, the government must decide what to do with the man who leaked information about the NSA, Republican lawmakers are split on the immigration reform bill, the Southern Baptist Convention opens its annual meeting in Houston, Wall Street focuses on one major factor

This Is News - Jun 10 2013

Podcast | An anonymous source behind the NSA phone-call surveillance story goes public, China sentences the relative of a Nobel Prize laureate to 11 years in prison, Nelson Mandela is in serious condition, the first professional athlete to declare his homosexuality marched in the Massachusetts pride parade, a Colorado same-sex couple pushes legal action against a bakery owner

This Is News - Jun 7 2013

Podcast | Eric Holder goes on the defensive on Capitol Hill, the National Security Agency is collecting data on millions of Verizon subscribers, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie names the interim U.S. Senator, a measure in Congress to protect some religious freedoms for military chaplains moves a step closer to becoming law, U.S. stocks continue their losing streak

This Is News - Jun 6 2013

Podcast | New signs may signal a rough ride ahead for immigration reform, the new Obama foreign policy team will include a controversial member, frustration grows as diplomacy fails to resolve concerns over Iran's nuclear program, the House Oversight Committee continues its probe into IRS abuses, a payroll firm says private employers added 135,000 new jobs

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