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The importance of being Ernst

By Daniel James Devine

Campaign 2014 | In Iowa, the charm and farm-girl persona of GOP candidate Joni Ernst could win a U.S. Senate seat

Hijacking the plains

By Lynde Langdon

Campaign 2014 | Independent Greg Orman is giving incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts the race of his life—and the national Republican Party headaches

Southern exposure

By Jamie Dean

Campaign 2014 | In a string of Senate races across the South, pro-abortion groups are spending big to promote a shaded agenda

The return of security moms

By J.C. Derrick

Campaign 2014 | National security concerns are an election force after a decade-long absence

Independents’ day

By Kiley Crossland

Campaign 2014 | Voters from neither party will likely decide the close Senate race in Colorado

Boots on the ground

By Edward Lee Pitts

Politics | Three candidates with real-world experience lead the GOP attempt to oust Senate insiders

6 Items Found