Marriage Longevity

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A series profiling couples who have been married for at least 35 years. As sociologist Mark Regnerus writes, “Young adults want to know that it’s possible for two fellow believers to stay happy together for a lifetime, and they need to hear how the generations preceding them did it.” It is also important to see that marriages are not always happy all the time, but commitment is crucial.

Braving the desert to find the gold

By Jeff Koch

Marriage | Tom and Tami O’Connor suffered through eight years of pain before finding intimacy in Christ

Teammates for life

By Kathleen Kendall-Tackett

Marriage | Through miscarriages and frequent moves, Jim and Betty Crase learned to face life’s challenges together

Deciding to love

By Karen Leigh Johnson

Marriage | The turning point in Richard and Dee Dee Stephens' marriage came when they learned that love was a decision, not a feeling

Surviving the statistics

By Charles Grizzle

Marriage | Sam and Mary Ester Council defied the odds to flourish together for 42 years, and counting

Taking heart

By Julie Borg

Marriage | For many years, health issues complicated Dick and Sherry Truman’s life together, but those trials prepared them to help others

Marriage on a mission

By David Sonju

Marriage | In their nearly 40 years of marriage, Don and Elaine Brautigam have learned to appreciate each other’s gifts

Accepting the good with the bad

By Cheryl Keen

Marriage | Despite enduring heartbreaks, Fred and Madelyn Garris say they have been blessed in their 64 years together

From grating to great

By Rachel Cooper

Marriage | For their first 39 years of marriage, Warren and Eleanor Herron led separate lives, but a transformation 20 years ago dramatically changed how they view each…

Have God, will travel

By Rob Holmes

Marriage | Daily worship together has been the stabilizing force in Keith and Ruth Snider’s 37 years of marriage on the move

From strangers to husband and wife

By Leigh Jones

Marriage | Raju and Jain Samuel barely knew each other on their wedding day but have grown inseparable in their 38 years together

Resolved to love and serve

By Tiffany Owens

Marriage | After 52 years of military service, raising four children, and losing one to cancer, Ed and Tina Green remain committed to one another

Learning to dance in the rain

By Chris Sicks

Marriage | In their 56 years of marriage, Red and Dorothy McDaniel learned to endure tribulations knowing that Jesus has overcome the world

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