Marriage Longevity

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A series profiling couples who have been married for at least 35 years. As sociologist Mark Regnerus writes, “Young adults want to know that it’s possible for two fellow believers to stay happy together for a lifetime, and they need to hear how the generations preceding them did it.” It is also important to see that marriages are not always happy all the time, but commitment is crucial.

A strong foundation

By Steve Hall

Marriage | Good habits developed over 58 years of marriage help Jack and Martha Schilthuis meet whatever challenges come their way

Love for the long haul

By Susan Olasky

Lifestyle | Will and Colene Norton say the secret to 73 years of 'compatibility' in marriage is God

A husband and his helpmeet

By Samantha Gobba

Marriage | Once Keith Porter learned to treat his wife, Jean, as God created her, the couple became inseparable—and remain so after 36 years of marriage

Surviving the debris

By George Weaver

Marriage | It took patience, a servant’s spirit, and faith for June and Bert Wells to have a successful 40-year second marriage

Mr. Risky vs. Mrs. Reserved

By Nikolas Grosfield

Marriage | Rick and Lynne Shenk may approach life differently, but after 35 years of marriage they’ve learned how to make sacrifices and overcome conflict together

Facing life together

By Jim Edsall

Marriage | Through 47 years of war, world travel, and cancer, Tony and Judy Lutkus grew closer and more dependent on God

Even the experts struggle

By Mark Russell

Marriage | Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s 40 years of marriage have not been immune to crisis, but the key has been the way they’ve responded to challenges

Learning how to love

By Kiley Crossland

Marriage | The first 10 years were tough for Paul and Kay Brooks, but the next 32 have been guided by the example of Christ’s radical love and forgiveness

The blind leading the blind

By Dick Peterson

Marriage | Ken and Louise Rape realize that God had a plan for their marriage, even if they couldn’t see it 37 years ago

Persistence and prayer

By Jesse Yow

Marriage | For nearly 60 years, Dave and Ada Dorn have faithfully sought God’s will for their life together

Dedication and devotion

By Rachel Witherow

Marriage | Dean Dehnel remembers his late wife, Carolyn, and the commitment they shared for 62 years

For better, for worse

By Mary Jackson

Lifestyle | Profile in marriage: Lawrence and Mary Lehr persevered through trials to find deeper love

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