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Chilean teachers declare indefinite protests over education reforms

By Katlyn Babyak

Chile | On Monday, teachers and education students rallied and marched down the streets of Santiago, Chile, and other major cities. The Teachers’ College, the…

Iran, nuclear negotiations, and U.S. prisoners

By J.C. Derrick

Iran | Families of imprisoned Americans urge U.S. government to make their loved ones a priority

Sex trafficking and forced marriages flourish under China’s one-child policy

By Gaye Clark

Human Trafficking | Thanks to a shortage of women created in part by China’s one-child policy, the country has become a hotbed of human trafficking. Desperate men pay…

Midday Roundup: Hundreds trapped after Chinese cruise ship sinks

By Leigh Jones

Newsworthy | Chinese shipwreck.Crews in China are frantically trying to rescue cruise-ship passengers trapped underwater in the Yangtze River after the vessel capsized…

Will FIFA’s scandal damage U.S. youth soccer?

By Jae Wasson

Sports | Dave Carton grew up dreading rainy Saturdays. He looked forward to his club soccer games all week and rain could ruin the game. Growing up in Ireland, soccer…

DRC agrees to finalize 71 adoptions on hold for two years

By Onize Ohikere

Adoption | Seventy-one children who have waited for two years will now have new homes. In 2013, a Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) ban on foreign adoption put on hold…

Christian groups plead for mercy for pastors facing execution in Sudan

By Julia A. Seymour

Persecution | Almost a year after international outcry pressured Sudan to release Meriam Ibrahim from prison, persecution and legal experts say the same kind of pressure is…

Southeast Asia’s migrant crisis attracts attention, not answers

By Anna K. Poole

Persecution | Eighteen countries gathered on Friday in Bangkok to discuss the escalating humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asia. Although the conference attracted a lot of…

Ethiopia remains peaceful after general elections

By Kaylen Tanner

Ethiopia | Ethiopian-American Yonas Gebreselasse believes his home country is still on the right track, despite European Union claims this week’s parliamentary…

UN reports reduction in world hunger

By Heather Bridges

Poverty | UN food agencies say statistics from a recent report bode well for hunger eradication. But other relief organizations say the problem runs deeper than the…

Globe Trot: White House plans LGBT hiring requirement for aid groups

By Mindy Belz

International | LGBT: C-Fam reports the White House plans to move forward with a policy change requiring humanitarian organizations to accept LGBT applicants in order to…

Soccer fans, players skeptical of FIFA chief’s claim of innocence

By Abby Reese

Sports | In the wake of FIFA executives’ arrests on Wednesday, European soccer teams are calling for soccer’s governing body to clean house, starting at the top.

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