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No permanent victories

By D.C. Innes

Campaign 2014 | The morning after Tuesday’s midterm elections, the buzz on my Long Island commute was about how the Republicans had mopped up. The GOP likely will end…

Sweeping up the confetti

By Janie B. Cheaney

Campaign 2014 | Republicans were in a celebratory mood last week, an attitude that called up memories of the election of 1994. On that night, 20 years ago, stars were born:

Late governor’s races go to the Democrats

By Lynde Langdon, Leigh Jones & J.C. Derrick

Campaign 2014 | A Republican now occupies the governor’s mansion in 31 states

Modest gains for GOP in deep blue California

By Angela Lu

Campaign 2014 | LOS ANGELES—Tuesday’s Republican tidal wave didn’t reach deep blue California. But a couple of key wins have jeopardized the Democrats’ chances of…

Iowa turns from purple to red

By Daniel James Devine

Campaign 2014 | As Republicans across the United States on Wednesday celebrated an election sweep that gave the GOP control of the U.S. Senate, conservatives in Iowa were…

Decision in Alaska Senate race could drag on for days

By Sophia Lee

Campaign 2014 | Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan is leading the Alaska  race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich as of Wednesday afternoon, with…

GOP expands power in state legislatures

By Emily Belz

Campaign 2014 | NEW YORK—Republicans had a big night at the state level, in addition to the national level, winning the most control of state legislatures in almost a…

Despite fears to the contrary, GOP base unwavering in Kansas

By Lynde Langdon

Campaign 2014 | Was there ever really a question Pat Roberts would win reelection to the Senate in Kansas? The national Democratic machine thought so, which is why it…

F. Scott Fitzgerald on the GOP victory

By Marvin Olasky

Campaign 2014 | Republicans get a rare third chance to succeed

GOP victory hinged on picking up seats in the South

By Jamie Dean

Campaign 2014 | CHARLOTTE, N.C.—In North Carolina’s largest city, officials will contest at least one vote cast for Tuesday’s mid-term elections: Charlotte’s…

Republicans catch a wave

By J.C. Derrick

Campaign 2014 | The GOP outperforms polls and predictions to take back the Senate and bolster its advantage in the House

Voters approve one of three pro-life amendments

By Courtney Crandell

Campaign 2014 | The Tennessee measure passed easily, while amendments in North Dakota and Colorado failed

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