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Breaking news along with stories other media tend to overlook, including Mindy Belz's "Globe Trot" reports and Warren Cole Smith's "Signs and Wonders."

Taliban Five free to return to terror after travel ban ends next week

By Thomas Miller

Terrorism | Five Taliban leaders will be free to travel the world again next week after serving a one-year travel ban. American leaders fear the men will rejoin their old…

UN reports reduction in world hunger

By Heather Bridges

Poverty | UN food agencies say statistics from a recent report bode well for hunger eradication. But other relief organizations say the problem runs deeper than the…

Globe Trot: White House plans LGBT hiring requirement for aid groups

By Mindy Belz

International | LGBT: C-Fam reports the White House plans to move forward with a policy change requiring humanitarian organizations to accept LGBT applicants in order to…

Soccer fans, players skeptical of FIFA chief’s claim of innocence

By Abby Reese

Sports | In the wake of FIFA executives’ arrests on Wednesday, European soccer teams are calling for soccer’s governing body to clean house, starting at the top.

Midday Roundup: Hastert indicted for cover-up of still-secret scandal

By Lynde Langdon

Newsworthy | Paid off. A federal grand jury has indicted former House Speaker Dennis Hastert for paying someone $3.5 million in hush money over “prior misconduct.” The…

Christian perspectives on Nebraska’s death penalty repeal

By Jonathan Boes

Death Penalty | The death penalty died in Nebraska this week, with support from nearly half the state Senate’s Republicans. With execution costs growing and lethal…

Samaritan’s Purse heads to Texas as floodwaters continue to rise

By Margaret Tazioli

Disaster relief | The rivers keep rising as heavy rains continue to inundate large parts of Texas. “I wish I could describe Texas rain to you,” Hannah Lechmann, a Houston…

Churches respond to Ireland’s same-sex marriage vote

By James Bruce

Marriage | The Emerald Isle is now a rainbow: Ireland on Friday became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. But not everyone is pleased with…

Arizona enacts nation’s tightest welfare restrictions

By Evan Wilt

Poverty | Arizona lawmakers have restricted federally funded welfare benefits to the narrowest time window in the nation. The restrictions apply to Temporary Assistance…

New smartphone app will track fish from trawler to table

By Sandy Barwick

Technology | Can’t decide between cod or flounder for dinner? Soon there may be an app for that. A group of scientists and fishermen say the new tool will allow…

California Assembly passes abortion-referral bill aimed at pregnancy centers

By Courtney Crandell

Abortion | California’s Assembly passed a measure Tuesday that pro-life advocates say violates the constitutional rights of the state’s crisis pregnancy centers. If…

George Pataki makes presidential run official

By Kent Covington

Campaign 2016 | Former three-term New York Gov. George Pataki is running for the Republican Party nomination for president. He made it official Thursday morning, telling a…

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