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Breaking news along with stories other media tend to overlook, including Mindy Belz's "Globe Trot" reports and Warren Cole Smith's "Signs and Wonders."

Have laws limiting abortion gone as far as they can go?

By Courtney Crandell

Abortion | U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg believes the conservative movement to limit abortions has reached its peak.  “I think it’s gotten…

The legal status of pregnancy, fish, and Jerusalem

By Mary Reichard

Supreme Court | Editor’s note: The Supreme Court justices agree to hear only a small percentage of the 10,000 petitions they get on average each year. Only 75 to 80 cases

Satanists prepare ‘educational material’ for Florida schools

By Emily Scheie

Religion | On Religious Freedom Day in January, faith-based groups have been giving Bibles to public school students in Florida. In response, atheists and agnostics…

Globe Trot: Students lead Hong Kong protests against Beijing

By Jamie Dean

International | HONG KONG: Pro-democracy demonstrations are swelling in Hong Kong, as thousands fill the streets in the city’s most serious confrontation with Beijing in a…

Midday Roundup: Flights still sluggish after sabotage in Chicago

By Lynde Langdon

Newsworthy | Air traffic jam. Flights in and out of Chicago are still being cancelled or delayed after a worker set fire to an air-traffic control center there on Friday.

Sudan bans Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyers from leaving the country

By Julia A. Seymour

Persecution | Meriam Ibrahim may be safely living in the United States, but several attorneys who fought for her freedom in Sudan now face new repercussions for their work…

Dollars and Sense: Volatility makes a comeback

By Warren Cole Smith

Money | No longer marking time. For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about how quiet the markets have been. This week made up for that, I guess. Last Monday,

Ted Cruz wins presidential straw poll at conservative summit

By Leigh Jones

Politics | Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, won the presidential straw poll at this weekend’s Values Voter Summit, hosted by Family Research Council Action. Cruz, a tea party…

The Cosby Show’s life lessons live on

By Caroline Leal

Culture | The revolutionary sitcom that brought Americans together turns 30

Chinese crackdown on churches continues with arrests, detentions

By June Cheng

Persecution | During a house church service in China’s Guangdong province last Sunday, 200 police barged in and arrested more than 100 church members, including children,

Tens of thousands of recent immigrants gave gov’t minders the slip

By Andrew Branch

Immigration | The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has lost track of tens of thousands of immigrant families apprehended after crossing the border…

New Colton Dixon album is bold, brash, and a little shallow

By Jeff Koch

Music | Sporting a mohawk the height of a medium-sized shrub, Christian rocker Colton Dixon never had any difficulty capturing attention. He quickly caught voters’

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