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Breaking news along with stories other media tend to overlook, including Mindy Belz's "Globe Trot" reports and Warren Cole Smith's "Signs and Wonders."

Christians in India rally against persecution

By Julia A. Seymour

Persecution | Christian and secular groups recently met to speak out against increased persecution of non-Hindus in India. They sought to bring attention to more than 600…

Globe Trot: Iran uninterested in a coalition to fight ISIS

By Jamie Dean

International | MIDDLE EAST: Sec. of State John Kerry says the United States is open to private communications with Iran about the devolving security crisis in Iraq, but…

Sis-boom-blah: More college students blowing off football games

By Laura Edghill

Sports | The most enthusiastic fans at college football games are often the students themselves, sporting colorful team apparel, painted faces, and uninhibited school…

Evangelical student ministry thrives at West Point

By Michael Cochrane

Military | WEST POINT, N.Y.—At the United States Military Academy, one of the most popular and thriving officially sanctioned clubs is an openly evangelical Christian…

Tale of surfer’s salvation makes a great family DVD

By Phil Boatwright

Movies | Based on a true story, The Perfect Wave tells the story of a young surfer dude by the name of Ian McCormack, a New Zealander who seeks the ultimate wave…

Midday Roundup: Clinton aides accused of scrubbing Benghazi docs

By Lynde Langdon

Newsworthy | Benghazi bombshell. A former U.S. State Department leader has accused the agency’s employees of filtering out potentially damaging documents before giving…

Education group wants Moses mentions cut from new Texas textbooks

By Emily Scheie

Education | The fight over Texas textbooks is back again, and this time, criticism of proposed social studies books touch on religious topics from Moses to Muslims and…

Dollars and Sense: A market breather is better than a market correction

By Warren Cole Smith

Money | Marking time. We’ve not seen a lot of movement up or down in the Dow or the S&P 500 in the past three weeks. The fact that we’re near record highs is…

ISIS video shows beheading of U.K. aid worker

By Mickey McLean

ISIS | A video posted online by ISIS on Saturday claims to show the beheading of David Haines, a 44-year-old aid worker from the U.K. who was abducted in Syria last…

Star NFL player indicted for child abuse

By Andrew Branch

Sports | A grand jury in Texas indicted star Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and a warrant for his arrest was issued Friday by the Montgomery County…

Is Fifty Shades grooming girls to be victims?

By Julie Borg

Sexual Abuse | Young women who read sexually violent fiction often display the same behavioral symptoms as those who have actually been victimized, according to a study…

Arizona judge rules in favor of couple who married out-of-state

By Leigh Jones

Marriage | An Arizona man whose same-sex partner died last month can be listed as the spouse on his death certificate, a judge ruled today. Fred McQuire won his case…

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