Sept. 1, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, the UK raises the terror-threat level, where are the protests against the violence in Iraq, Dollars and Sense

Today’s news and legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard talks about a multi-million dollar lawsuit in Ferguson, an appellate court decision about the definition of marriage, and a ruling in a case on polygamy, plus: a report on the threat level in the United Kingdom, Cardinal Donald Wuerl wonders about the reaction to the violence in Iraq, WORLD News Group business reporter Warren Smith brings news about the state of the markets and the economy, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

ISIS: After announcing he does not have a plan for dealing with ISIS in Iraq, President Obama is facing criticism, even from some members of his own party. 

Jihad: AP reporter Steve Coleman says residents in a Minneapolis suburb are bewildered by the deaths of two high school friends who converted to Islam, radicalized, and died for Jihad.

Abortion: Pro- and anti-abortion sides are reacting to a federal judge’s order halting Texas’s abortion rules.

Midterms: Although many political analysts believe the 2014 midterm elections will be a landslide for Republicans, GOP pollster Bob McInturff isn’t so certain. 

Legal Docket: A multi-million dollar lawsuit in Ferguson, the definition of marriage, and polygamists win their case

Mary Reichard is legal-affairs correspondent for The World and Everything in It.

UK raises terror-threat level to ‘severe’

Read British Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement Friday to the UK press.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl: ‘Where are the voices’ protesting atrocities in Iraq?

Cardinal Donald Wuerl is the Archbishop of Washington, D.C. Read his comments last week at Catholic University.

Dollars and sense: Stock market has excellent August

Warren Cole Smith covers money matters for WORLD News Group.

Sept. 1, 2014


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