March 21, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Culture Friday, Singing in the Shower, the best comedy sketch of the 20th century

Today’s news and Culture Friday with John Stonestreet, a discussion about technology and digital distractions; Plus, Bob Case continues his series Singing in the Shower, profiling melancholy songs of Spring, the comedy sketch that TIME magazine has named the Best Comedy Sketch of the 20th century, and more

Program Segments

Friday news

Sanctions: President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin are trading sanctions in the ongoing diplomatic spat over Russia’s takeover of Crimea. The president imposed new travel and economic sanctions on several more Russian individuals Thursday. Putin then immediately slapped his own sanctions on several American lawmakers.

IRS investigation: TW&E’s Steve Jordahl reports that there will not be a special prosecutor in the ongoing IRS investigation. This news is in response to Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s request for Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint an independent counsel to handle the IRS targeting scandal.

Voter IDs: State voter ID laws have gotten a boost from a federal judge. Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach says the ruling requires the federal government to recognize Kansas and Arizona’s right to make voters prove they are US citizens.

Malaysia vigil: A rare interfaith vigil in Malaysia has brought Muslims, Christians and Buddhists together to pray for the passengers of missing Flight 370.

Business/economy: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports that after dropping in the early morning, U.S. stocks climbed on Thursday.

Culture Friday: Distracted America

John Stonestreet of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview discusses digital distractions and how our always-connected technology is driving us further apart.

‘Singing in the Shower’: Melancholy songs of Spring

Bob Case is the former director of the WORLD Journalism Institute. His “Singing in the Shower” series on American popular music airs twice each month.

‘Who’s on First?’

Learn more about what TIME magazine dubbed the the Best Comedy Sketch of the 20th century, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s baseball routine “Who’s on First.”

March 21, 2014


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