June 11, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Israel versus Bergdahl, Santorum warns Republicans, Little League turns 75, diamonds in the sky

Today’s news and commentator Cal Thomas contrasts Israel’s trades with Palestine against the recent Taliban trade for Bergdahl, plus: Rick Santorum talks about how Republicans can reach blue-collar voters, Little League baseball celebrates 75 years, commentator Andree Seu Peterson recalls playing on a girls baseball team, and more

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Wednesday news

Tea Party victory: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has lost his primary bid for re-election to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat.

Bergdahl: The prisoner exchange that freed Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl continues to stir controversy in Congress.

Tenure: A California judge has thrown out that state’s teacher tenure laws, ruling that they expose students to “grossly ineffective teachers.”

Medical dispute: A teen taken from her family over a medical dispute is going home.

Commentary: The difference between Israel and the Bergdahl trade

Commentator Cal Thomas discusses the reasons that the recent Taliban trade is different than Israel making trades with Palestine.

Santorum’s warning to Republicans

A conversation with Rick Santorum about how to reach blue-collar voters. His book is Blue Collar Conservatives - Recommitting to an America That Works

Little League baseball celebrates 75 years

Read about important dates in the history of Little League baseball.

Diamonds in the sky

Commentator Andrée Seu Peterson is a senior writer for WORLD News Group. Read her columns online here.

June 11, 2014


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