June 2, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, the Pope and the Patriarch, Dollars and Sense

Today’s news and Legal Docket with Mary Reichard, a run-down of several Supreme Court cases, plus: prayers at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher, an update on the economy and business news from WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

Exchange: Mixed reaction to the news that the administration arranged a prisoner exchange with the Taliban, securing the release of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

VA troubles: Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has resigned, but lawmakers are saying the work to fix the troubled agency is only beginning.

Benghazi: A leaked chapter from Hillary Clinton’s latest memoir has sparked new debate about Benghazi.

Massacre: This week marks the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Legal Docket: a casino dispute, “In God We Trust,” and freedom of the press vs. national security

Legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard discusses three different cases: resolving a casino dispute, upholding the phrase “In God We Trust,” and balancing freedom of the press and national security.

The Pope and the Patriarch

In a demonstration of Christian unity, the Catholic Church’s Pope Francis and Bartholomew, Ecumenical Patriarch of the world's Orthodox Christians, prayed together last week at Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The two also announced plans for a ecumenical synod in 2025 in Nicea, celebrating the 1700th anniversary of the Council of Nicea.

S&P 500 sets more records, but economic recovery remains uneven

Warren Cole Smith covers financial news for WORLD News Group.

June 2, 2014


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