July 17, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Who could be the 2016 Republican frontrunner, an exoskeleton for paraplegics, Summer Vacations and Destinations

Today’s news and Kent Covington talks about the political atmosphere as 2016 approaches, plus: technology correspondent Michael Cochrane discusses the details of a ‘personal exoskeleton’ for paraplegics, the TW&E series Summer Vacations and Destinations profiles the Big Thicket National Preserve in Texas, and more

Program Segments

Thursday news

Russian sanctions: President Obama Wednesday announced new sanctions on Russia for its continued meddling in neighboring Ukraine.

Computer crash: Another hard drive gets recycled, this time at the Federal Election Commission.

Suing the president: Lawmakers debated the House lawsuit against President Obama Wednesday.

Boko Haram: The terrorist group Boko Haram may have killed more than 2-thousand people since January.

Who is the Republican frontrunner for 2016?

A look at the political atmosphere for Republicans entering the 2016 race to the White House. Also, hear an address from Florida Senator Marco Rubio. 

A ‘personal exoskeleton’ for paraplegics

Read a news release about ReWalk from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Summer Vacations and Destinations: The Big Thicket National Preserve

Learn more about the Big Thicket, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth.

Bonus segment: Entire Marco Rubio speech

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio talks about a new American century, and the crucial link between so-called social issues and economic issues, noting: "you cannot separate the social well-being of your people from their economic well-being. And you can’t turn this country around until you turn its people around first."

July 17, 2014


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