Jan. 28, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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SOTU social, Cuomo and Obama, a special report on Uganda, the history of the State of the Union address

Today’s news and WORLD News Group founder Joel Belz addresses questions about his recent article on Obama, plus: commentator Cal Thomas equates the New York Governor with the U.S. president, a special report on Uganda, featuring a recent Uganda Christian University graduation, a history of the State of the Union address, and more

Program Segments

Tuesday news

Resignation: Freshman Florida Republican Trey Radel has resigned his seat in Congress. Monday marked his last official day in office after earlier assurances that he would not step down after pleading guilty to a drug possession charge last year.

State of the Union: Washington gears up for Barack Obama’s 6th State of the Union address.

Same-sex ministers: AP’s Steve Coleman reports that a defrocked Methodist minister has told a congregation in the nation’s capital that many pastors are threatening to quit the denomination unless it starts to accept same-sex marriage and clergy in gay relationships. 

Frigid Midwest: National Weather Service meteorologist Bruce Terry says the latest cold snap has temperatures far below average for this time of year for much of the Midwest.

Business/economy: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports that stocks had trouble on Monday shaking off Friday’s steep drop.

SOTU social with Joel Belz

WORLD News Group founder Joel Belz addresses some questions in reaction to his article in WORLD Magazine, in which he describes President Obama as the most polarizing U.S. president in the last 50 years.

Commentary: Equating Cuomo with Obama

Commentator Cal Thomas believes that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comments about conservative extremists are similar to the dictatorial behavior evident in President Obama's dealings with his political and ideological opponents.

Uganda: Africa’s hinge (part one)

Special correspondent Susan Olasky begins a four-part series on the East African nation of Uganda, with a report on a recent graduation at Uganda Christian University. Read more about groups and institutions training young people in Uganda in “Africa’s hinge,” from the Feb. 8, 2014, issue of WORLD Magazine.

A quick history of the State of the Union address

We’re joined by Gearhard Peters, co-editor of the American Presidency Project at the University of California–Santa Barbara.

Jan. 28, 2014


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