Feb. 14, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Culture Friday, a Lithuanian wedding tradition, Singing in the Shower

Today’s news and Culture Friday with John Stonestreet, how will an openly-gay football player impact the culture, plus: special correspondent Susan Olasky profiles a wedding tradition from Lithuania, Bob Case continues his series on the American Songbook with songs of love and romance, and more

Program Segments

Friday news

Obamacare: A new report from the Obama administration states a significant improvement in the number of Americans enrolling for the Affordable Care Act. The original goal of the White House was 7 million people by March 1st, but the actual number appears to be falling far short of that goal.

Winter storm Pax: The winter storm Pax has claimed at least 17 lives and disrupted travel for millions. As of midday yesterday, airlines had canceled more than 6000 flights. 

Child euthanasia: Belgium has passed a law that allows children of any age, with parental consent, to choose to end their lives by euthanasia.

Recognizing same-sex marriage: A federal judge says Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states. Theologian Albert Mohler says the ruling doesn’t order Kentucky churches to perform same-sex unions, but it could require them to acknowledge the marriages as legal.

Business/economy: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports that traders were cautious Thursday, which came after a report that retail sales in January dropped 0.4 percent, which was worse than expectations.

Culture Friday: The media reaction to Michael Sam

John Stonestreet of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview sheds light on the cultural impact of the media’s reaction to openly-gay football player Michael Sam. 

Lock and key: A wedding tradition from Lithuania

Special correspondent Susan Olasky reports on a tradition in Lithuania representing the sealing of marriage vows. 

‘Singing in the shower’: Songs of love and romance

Bob Case is the former director of the WORLD Journalism Institute. “Singing in the Shower,” his series on the Great American Songbook, airs each Friday.

Feb. 14, 2014


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