Aug. 27, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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White House Wednesday, standardized testing through smartphones, Summer Vacations and Destinations

Today’s news and a profile of U.S. Senator Rand Paul as a 2016 potential presidential candidate, plus: technology correspondent Michael Cochrane discusses advancements in standardized testing, a trip to Athens, GA for the TW&E series Summer Vacations and Destinations, and more

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Wednesday news

ISIS: President Obama has authorized the use of reconnaissance drones in Syria to identify ISIS targets.

James Foley: Unnamed Pentagon sources are saying that because of politics, President Obama waited 30 days to approve a rescue mission for kidnapped American journalist James Foley.

IRS: Judicial Watch says Lois Lerner’s emails may exist after all, but her blackberry probably does not.

Avoiding taxes: The administration has been beating up Burger King this week on a report that the company is buying a Canadian donut chain to avoid U.S. taxes.

Business/economy: WORLD News Group business reporter Warren Cole Smith reports that Wall Street's record-setting rally continued Tuesday.

White House Wednesday: Rand Paul

U.S. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is highlighted as a potential 2016 presidential candidate. 

Standardized testing via smartphone?

Michael Cochrane covers science and technology stories for WORLD News Group.

Wrapping up our Summer Vacations and Destinations series

Today’s contributor is novelist and screenwriter Beverly Varnado from Athens, Ga. Her latest novel is Home to Currahee (Xulon Press, 2014).

Aug. 27, 2014


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