Aug. 18, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, bringing the Internet to Africa, Dollars and Sense

Today’s news and legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard reports on a Tennessee court that ruled the state does not have to recognize same-sex marriage licenses granted by other states, plus: technology correspondent Michael Cochrane discusses, the brainchild of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which aims to bring the Internet to dozens of underdeveloped nations around the world, WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith talks about the recovery of the markets after a couple rough weeks in the economic world, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

Ferguson: More unrest over the weekend in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal police shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Rick Perry: Texas Governor Rick Perry looks to be gearing up for another White House bid, appearing last week at the Iowa state fair. But his presidential plans could be in jeopardy.

Iraq and Ukraine: Lawmakers on Sunday debated America’s role in the crises in Iraq and Ukraine, but there wasn’t much debate.

Legal Docket: The marriage battle continues and the Navy tries to remove Bibles from base lodging

Legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard reports on a Tennessee court decision protecting traditional marriage, two federal appeals courts striking down traditional marriage, a ruling that nations do not have to recognize same-sex marriage, and an order from Naval officials to remove Bibles from base lodging has been put on hold pending review after the Navy received letter from Alliance Defending Freedom.

Bringing the Internet to Africa

TW&E technology correspondent reports on, a tech partnership founded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg that aims to “bring the internet to the two thirds of the world’s population that doesn’t have it.”

Dollars and Sense

Warren Cole Smith covers money-related news for WORLD News Group.

Aug. 18, 2014


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