April 17, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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New evidence in the IRS scandal, a discussion about climate change, a report on a blind surfer, a reading for Maundy Thursday

Today’s news and a conversation with Judicial Watch president about new email evidence in the IRS scandal, plus: commentary from Cal Thomas about the fading interest in climate change, a report about blind surfer Derek Rebelo, a traditional reading for the Thursday of Holy Week, and more

Program Segments

Thursday news

Russia and Ukraine: Ukraine continues to be a powder keg on the verge of exploding and Russia continues to insist it has nothing to do with the military-like gunmen who are attempting to take control of at least 8 towns in eastern Ukraine.

Census Bureau: Changes made 2 years ago to questions asked by the Census Bureau could obscure the impact of Obamacare. The White House disagrees.

Gun laws: Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has pledged $50 million for more gun control laws to be enacted. 

Immigration reform: President Obama has told religious leaders that his hands are tied when it comes to immigration reform. 

Business/economy: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports that stocks rallied for a third straight day Wednesday.

New evidence in the IRS scandal

WORLD News Group’s senior correspondent Kent Covington speaks with president of Judicial Watch, the legal watchdog organization which obtained emails in relation to the IRS scandal.

Commentary: Climate change

Commentator Cal Thomas discusses the declining American interest in climate change and how politicians are responding. 

Not By Sight

WORLD News Group’s Jill Nelson reports on blind surfer Derek Rebelo. His story is featured in the new documentary Beyond Sight.

Maundy Thursday

Today, we present one the traditional readings for the Thursday of Holy Week — John 13:1-20, 33-35.

April 17, 2014


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