Sept. 12, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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GOP battle over Obamacare funding, gaffe-driven policy, effective compassion

Today’s news and a report on Republican infighting over Obamacare strategy on Capitol Hill, plus: commentary from Cal Thomas, meeting the Hope Award south region finalist, and more.

Program Segments

Thursday news

Public opinion: Obama continues to struggle attracting support for a military strike on Syria.

Diplomacy: U.S. mulling Russian proposal to place Syrian chemical weapons under international control.

Benghazi and 9/11: White House critics repeat unanswered questions about last year’s terror attack in Libya.

Climate change: Global warming theory chilled by satellite photography showing that 2013 yielded a bumper crop of ice, with scientists estimating a million more square miles than last year.

Business/economy: Stocks were mostly up again on Wednesday.  For the S&P 500, it was seventh straight day of gains.

Obamacare battle within the GOP

Tea Party conservatives push the House leadership on defunding Obamacare by month’s end, using the leverage of a “must-pass” spending bill, provoke a delay in the planned vote on a leadership bill aimed at averting blame for a government shutdown.

Commentary: We’ve been played

TW&E contributor Cal Thomas says: “The world is becoming increasingly dangerous because we have a president who either does not know how to lead, or doesn’t want to lead in foreign affairs.”

The South Region finalist for WORLD’s 2013 Hope Award

Special correspondent Susan Olasky profiles Beltline Bike Shop in Atlanta, one of five semifinalists for our 2013 Hope Award for Effective Compassion.

Sept. 12, 2013


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