Sept. 10, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Foreign policy politics, IRS spends to save, welcoming Prodigal Press

Today’s news and assessing the politics of foreign policy, as Congress nears a vote on authorizing military action in Syria, plus: another embarrassing revelation that IRS spent lavishly on a conference video promoting thrift, WORLD News Group’s Marvin Olasky and Warren Cole Smith on the updated Prodigal Press, and more

Program Segments

Tuesday news

Bashar al-Assad: Syrian president speaks to American interviewer Charlie Rose and warns U.S. to “expect everything” in retaliation for any attacks on his government.

Russia: Foreign minister proposes placing Syrian chemical weapons under international control, in hopes of averting a U.S. military strike.

Congress: Lawmakers return from August recess and may vote as early as tomorrow on Syria.

Religion: Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman has left North Korea, angrily rejecting calls to lobby Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un for the release of imprisoned American citizen and missionary Kenneth Bae.

Business/economy: Stocks kicked off the first trading day of the week yesterday with a bang. The Dow crossed above the psychologically-significant 15,000 level, lifted by upbeat economic data from China.

The politics of foreign policy

TW&E’s Kent Covington talks with Kyle Kondik of the University of Virginia Center for Politics about the foreign-policy dynamic driving congressional politics, and the two gubernatorial contests to be decided this fall in Virginia and New Jersey.

IRS: You’ve got to spend it to save it

TW&E reporter Jim Henry on the latest embarrassment for the Internal Revenue Service: a new revelation that IRS spent lavishly on a conference video promoting thrift.

‘Prodigal Press’

In this excerpt from an upcoming BreakPoint This Week program, WORLD News Group’s Marvin Olasky and Warren Cole Smith discuss their book, Prodigal Press: Confronting the Anti-Christian Bias of the American News Media, released this week. Chapter 1 of the book is online here (PDF).

Sept. 10, 2013


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