Sept. 5, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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IRS and Congress, Cal Thomas, Glen Campbell, and tech news

Today’s news and an interview with a member of the House looking into the IRS political-targeting scandal, plus: commentary from Cal Thomas on education reform, review of Glen Campbell farewell album, news from the world of technology, and more.

Program Segments

Thursday news

The Syria debate: On his way to the G-20 economic summit, President Obama in Sweden insists to reporters he drew no chemical-weapons red line: “The world set a red line.” Obama added that his personal credibility is not on the line, but rather that of the international community, America, and Congress.

Syria hearings: A Senate panel has endorsed a use-of-force resolution on the same day three key administration officials appeared before a House committee to testify on Syria plans.

Obamacare: Former President Clinton touts the controversial health law amid its rising unpopularity.

Business: New Fed report finds “modest-to-moderate” economic growth that may drive the central bank to taper its monetary stimulus plan.

An update on the House investigation of the IRS

As the congressional break ends, the House committee investigating “political targeting” by the IRS prepares to press forward with more hearings.

Cal Thomas: Justice Department injustice in Louisiana

Commentator Cal Thomas says the Justice Department should back off its attempt to block part of Louisiana’s voucher program. That program that helps low-income parents move their children into better-performing schools.

Glen Campbell: See You There

TW&E music critic Arsenio Orteza talks about the likely final studio album for the Grammy-winning country artist suffering from Alzheimer’s.

On the tech front

WORLD News Group’s Daniel James Devine reviews several of this week’s tech stories: Microsoft buys Nokia’s cellphone business, Amazon bundles hardcopy and e-book sales, and Topsy catalogs all of Twitter.

Sept. 5, 2013


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