Oct. 22, 2013
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Cal Thomas on the next move for conservatives and Republicans, Hope Award for Effective Compassion

Today’s news and commentator Cal Thomas with a postmortem of the government funding battle, plus: the South Region finalist for WORLD News Group’s 2013 annual Hope Awards for Effective Compassion, and more

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Tuesday news

Salesman-in-chief: Three weeks after the nation’s new health care exchanges went online, the president has had to quell the public’s frustration with the Affordable Care Act’s broken website by downplaying the technical problems. 

Obamacare dysfunction: Despite earlier claims from President Obama, millions of Americans are learning that their existing health insurance plans are either changing or going away. Hundreds of thousands of people are receiving cancellation letters, because their individual plans don’t conform with new Obamacare regulations. 

Same-sex marriage: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie sued to defend the state’s traditional marriage definition against a legal challenge. But when the state supreme court signaled that he was likely to lose, he bowed out of the lawsuit. New Jersey is the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriage. 

Business/economy: Investors were looking to justify the market’s recent rise to all-time highs, but what they were finding was mixed. So far this earnings season, revenue growth has been the big concern. Though, most analysts say it will be the end of the week before definitive judgements can be made.

Commentary: What’s next for conservatives and Republicans?

With the government funding and debt-ceiling issues out of the way, Republicans are faced with what’s their next move as they regroup after falling apart on political strategy. Commentator Cal Thomas says that the conservatives “ought to stop spending most if not all of their time fighting the establishment wing and go out and start telling America’s story again.”

The South Region finalist for WORLD News Group’s 2013 Hope Award for Effective Compassion

Special correspondent Susan Olasky profiles The Beltline Bike Shop of Atlanta, one of five finalists for our 8th annual Hope Award for Effective Compassion.

Oct. 22, 2013


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