Oct. 17, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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School rules, Midwest finalist for the annual Hope Award, listener feedback

Today’s news and major changes to a Colorado school district, plus: the national impact of school reform, a profile of the Midwest Region finalist for the 2013 Hope Award, listener feedback, and more

Program Segments

Thursday news

House vote: The House adopted a Senate measure that restored government funding at current levels and narrowly averted the debt ceiling limit. This short-term measure funds the government through January 15th and extends the debt ceiling until February 7, paving the way for another fiscal standoff in early 2014.

Marriage: A federal court in Michigan will decide the fate of the state’s marriage amendment. The amendment, passed by almost 60 percent of voters, says marriage in Michigan is the union of one man and one woman. The judge set a trial date for February.

Imprisoned: The mother of Kenneth Bai, an American detained in North Korea, is urging the US government to do everything it can to secure his freedom. Bei was sentenced to 15 years hard labor after being arrested for alleged hostile acts while leading a group of tourists in North Korea.

Business/economy: The fiscal deal Democrats and the White House held out for cheered Wall Street. The Dow soared more than 200 points on news of more federal debt and government spending. While investors had stayed largely calm throughout the two-week drama in Washington, they were still relieved over the debt deal. 

School reform

TW&E reporter Steve Jordahl reports on a Douglas County school district in Colorado that has undergone significant reform. 

National implications of school reform

WORLD News Group’s education reporter Joy Pullman discusses the national implications of school reform and how the unions are reacting to the shift. 

The Midwest Region finalist for WORLD’s 2013 Hope Award

Reporter Paul Butler profiles Administer Justice, one of five finalists for our 8th annual Hope Award for Effective Compassion.

TW&E listener feedback

Listening to what TW&E listeners have to say. Send your comments to feedback@worldandeverything.com

Oct. 17, 2013


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