Oct. 14, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, punishment for murder, Dollars and Sense, journey to the New World

Today’s news and Legal Docket with TW&E correspondent Mary Reichard, profiles at two financial cases facing the Supreme Court plus: a continued conversation with WORLD News Group editor in chief Marvin Olasky on punishment for murder, Dollars and Sense with WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith, a bit of history from October 1492, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

Government shutdown: Democrats seem to be inserting a new demand into the on-again-off-again negotiations. New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said that ending mandatory budget cuts , the so-called sequestration, could be a step toward re-opening the government and raising the debt ceiling. But Republican Senator Rand Paul states that Republicans should not agree to ending the sequester.

Debt ceiling: The debt ceiling crisis was the main topic of conversation at the International Monetary Fund’s annual meeting in Washington. The US is being urged to resolve the debt ceiling crisis for the sake of economies around the world. 

National parks: The federal government made arrangements with a number of states to re-open the Grand Canyon and several other national parks. Under the deal reached by Arizona and the federal government, the state will pick up the $650,000 tab to keep the park open for a week. In addition to Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New York and South Dakota agreed to foot the bill to re-open parks that were closed by the partial government shutdown. 

Imprisoned: An American imprisoned for his faith in North Korea for the last 11 months is getting a visit from his mother.

Legal Docket: Challenging and controversial Supreme Court cases

TW&E legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard explains two difficult financial cases being argued in front of the Supreme Court.

Dead serious: Serving life for murder

WORLD News Group editor in chief Marvin Olasky joins us as we continue our TW&E series on punishment for murder. We also hear comments from convicted killer Jack Vian, serving a life-term for double murder in Texas.

Read Marvin’s series “Dead Seriousness.”

Dollars and sense

Our Warren Cole Smith talks about the partial government shutdown and prospects for raising the government’s debt ceiling.

Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus wrote in his diary that God gave him the idea for his journey to the New World, and that the Holy Spirit urged him onward.

Oct. 14, 2013


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