Oct. 8, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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No blinking in the shutdown showdown, political reform in the states, a “spiritual biography” of C.S. Lewis

Today’s news and a report on another day of posturing and pain on the federal government shutdown, plus: commentary from Cal Thomas on reform-minded governors, an interview with the author of a new biography of writer and Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, and more

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Tuesday news

Washington impasse: The White House and Congress didn’t give an inch on the political standoff, as the government shutdown entered its eighth day.

“Political theater”: There seems to be little rhyme or reason behind which national parks and federal offices are closed and which are remaining open. The House Natural Resources Committee plans to look into complaints that politics is behind some of the decision-making, such as barricading private property within federal lands in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Nevada. 

Afghanistan: This week marks the 12-year anniversary of the first shots fired in the Afghanistan war. As the U.S. winds down military operations there, questions remain about the future of America’s involvement in Afghanistan.

Business/economy: Stocks remained in the red across the board on Monday. The Dow Jones Industrial average hit a 1-month low as the government’s partial shutdown began a second week and lawmakers appeared to making little progress in raising the country’s debt ceiling.

Shutdown showdown: Who has the political advantage?

TW&E correspondent Jim Henry reports on the apparent administration strategy to make the shutdown painful and visible, and the mainstream news media’s predictable anti-GOP tilt.

Commentary: Looking to the states for reform

Commentator Cal Thomas points to five reform-minded Republican governors, who, by cutting taxes, balancing budgets, and providing educational choice, aim to break the cycle of systemic ineffectiveness in Washington. “Crucially, the plan has nothing to do with Washington,” Thomas says, “which is why I think it’s got a chance to work.”

A new ‘spiritual biography’ of C.S. Lewis

We talk with Devin Brown, author of A Life Observed: A Spiritual Biography of C.S. Lewis (Brazos Press, 2013). Lewis, the author Mere Christianity and many other books, died 50 years ago next next month.

Read an excerpt (PDF) from A Life Observed.

Oct. 8, 2013


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