Oct. 1, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Iran and nuclear red lines, enduring faith in government, a candidate for baseball’s MVP, fall festivals

Today’s news and a discussion with WORLD News Group’s Mindy Belz on the surprise turn in U.S.-Iran relations, plus: commentary from Cal Thomas on blind faith in government, a profile of major-league baseball’s MVP candidate Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles, the return of fall festivals, and more.

Program Segments

Tuesday news

Obamacare: Health exchanges open today, ready or not. Amd critics say they’re not. Over the weekend, several states were still struggling to get plan information to display accurately on their websites. Earlier, the federal government announced delays for small business and Spanish-language signups. Consumers also could run into problems getting their right subsidy amounts. People with complicated tax returns and extended families living under the same roof could find they need personal assistance to work out the issues.

Voter ID: The Justice Department will sue the state of North Carolina for alleged racial discrimination over new voting rules, the latest effort by the Obama administration to circumvent a Supreme Court decision that struck down part of the Voting Rights Act and freed southern states from strict federal oversight of their elections.

Nigeria: A college administrator in northeast Nigeria says suspected Islamic militants gunned down students as they slept and killed as many as 50 of them. The provost of the Yobe State College of Agriculture says the gunmen also torched classrooms in the attack before dawn Sunday.

Business/economy: Wall Street tanked on Monday as investors were spooked by the uncertainty in Washington over the budget. The price of oil and gold also fell on Monday and treasury prices were mostly lower too.

A sober assessment of Iran’s “smiley campaign”

WORLD News Group’s Mindy Belz discusses the surprise turn in U.S.-Iran relations, from red lines and nuclear weapons to the case of jailed American pastor Saeed Abedini.

Commentary: Blind faith in Washington

TW&E commentator Cal Thomas says, “In Washington, the consequences of misplaced faith in government are everywhere. But that doesn’t deter large numbers of people who continue to believe government can solve every problem.”

Talkin’ baseball: Likely MVP candidate Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles

WORLD News Group’s J.C. Derrick profiles Orioles’ slugger Chris Davis, who has gone from being almost washed up to an All-Star. Along the way, Davis learned about walking with Jesus.

Odd festivals

It’s Fall Festival time. Our Offbeat Newsbeat reporter Albin Sadar looks at some of the strangest festivals out there, including one that focuses on  “pumpkin chunkin” and another that features a massive tomato fight.

Oct. 1, 2013


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