Nov. 25, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, tax-free clergy housing struck down, Dollars and Sense, robot doctors

Today’s news and Legal Docket with Mary Reichard, discussions on the Senate “nuclear option” as well as cases declined by the Supreme Court, plus: a federal judge strikes down tax-free clergy housing, Dollars and Sense with Warren Cole Smith, advances with doctor-controlled medical robots, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

Nuclear agreement: Opinions vary on the implications of the landmark nuclear agreement with Iran. From Geneva, Secretary of State John Kerry strongly denied the agreement allows Iran to continue enriching uranium, a possible path to a nuclear weapon. But Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said easing sanctions against Iran sends the wrong message to the world’s top exporter of terrorism. 

Nuclear deal reactions: House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid may move forward with tougher sanctions on Iran despite the deal. But Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss of Georgia said the deal lets Iran out of the trap just when sanctions were working. 

Iranian pastor: The release of American pastor Saeed Abedini from an Iranian prison was never brought up during negotiations with Iran, an omission David French of the American Center for Law and Justice calls a betrayal. 

Philippines: Officials in Tacloban credit US aid with helping get the country back on its feet after Typhoon Haiyen devastated the island nation, killing more than 5,000 people.

Legal Docket: Senate rule changes and declined Supreme Court cases

TW&E legal correspondent Mary Reichard discusses the changes ahead after the Senate “nuclear option” decision, as well as some important cases denied by the Supreme Court.

Federal judge strikes down tax-free clergy housing allowance

On Friday, a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that a 59-year-old law allowing tax-free housing allowances for clergy is unconstitutional. Read the decision (PDF).

Stock market hits new highs, retail sales picking up

WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports on the latest financial news. Read his weekly online column,  “Dollars and sense.”

The robot doctor will see you now

Robots, controlled by doctors miles away, are now making it possible for medical specialists to be “present” with patients in remote hospitals and clinics. Learn moremore about the “doctor in a box.”

Nov. 25, 2013


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