Nov. 15, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Culture Friday, home video reviews, the American Songbook

Today’s news and Culture Friday with John Stonestreet, why developing a worldview in children is important plus: home video reviewer Phil Boatwright recommends a moving new drama and a zany old comedy, Bob Case continues his exploration of American pop music for the American Songbook, and more

Program Segments

Friday news

Broken healthcare promise: President Obama announced that the Obamacare “grandfather clause” will be temporarily expanded. A major insurance industry group, however, has issued a statement saying the president’s backpedaling is too late and could destabilize the health insurance market. 

Philippines update: The official death toll has climbed to more than 4-thousand in the Philippines after a massive typhoon slammed into several coastal provinces. Additionally, what some are calling a “secondary disaster” looms now as contaminated water causes dysentery and other diseases. 

Business/economy: U-S stocks finished mixed on Wednesday and as business reporter Warren Smith explains, Thursday’s jitters came as Fed chairman in waiting Janet Yellin indicated she intends to maintain the federal reserve’s current monetary stimulus policy. 

Culture Friday: Worldviews and princesses

John Stonestreet of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview talks about how to develop a Christian worldview, especially in children, and the importance of that worldview in the culture. 

Home video: A moving new drama and a zany old comedy

In this segment, reviewer Phil Boatwright recommends This is Martin Bonner (2013) and Jerry Lewis’s The Patsy (1964).

The American Songbook: More happy songs

Bob Case continues his exploration of American pop music standards in this regular TW&E Friday feature.

Nov. 15, 2013


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