Nov. 12, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Warning about Iran, Rewards for Justice, education reform, conversation with Scott Stapp

Today’s news and commentator Cal Thomas warns the Obama administration about human nature and the lessons of history, plus: Jim Henry reports on why the Benghazi suspects are not on the Rewards for Justice list, an update on teacher unions pushing back against education reform in Denver, a conversation with Scott Stapp of Creed, and more

Program Segments

Tuesday news

Iran: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he’s worried the US and others are being too accommodating to Iran’s rogue regime. Netanyahu blasted a proposed deal this weekend that would have eased sanctions against Iran in exchange for what he feels are insignificant concessions.

Philippines: As many 10,000 people were killed when Typhoon Haiyen roared ashore on Friday. Relief efforts are underway.

Veterans Day: All across the nation, Americans honored veterans with school assemblies, parades, and personal remembrances. President Obama also reminded the nation of servicemembers still at war in Afghanistan, a war expected to formally end next year, with the US keeping a small presence in the country.

Business/economy: Business reporter Warren Smith reports that the major stock indexes were flat on Monday after October's jobs report drove the Dow Jones industrial average to close on Friday at a record high.

Commentary: Deals with tyrants

Commentator Cal Thomas warns the Obama administration to be careful in the negotiations with Iran. He notes that, “Times and dictators change, but human nature remains the same.” 

Rewards for Justice

TW&E’s Jim Henry discusses the confusion that has arisen because even though several Benghazi suspects are known, they are not on the Rewards for Justice list.

Rolling back education reforms

World News Group’s Joy Pullman provides an update on a situation in Denver, C.O. where teacher unions are trying to fight against education reform occurring in the Douglas County school district. 

A conversation with Creed’s Scott Stapp

Warren Cole Smith sits down with Scott Stapp, former band member of Creed. The band’s initial explosion onto the music scene in 1997 established Stapp as one of the great voices in hard rock history. This month, Stapp released his second studio album titled “Proof of Life.” 

Nov. 12, 2013


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