June 28, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Culture Friday with John Stonestreet, safe family entertainment, our special summer series, and the news

Today's news and "Culture Friday" with John Stonestreet, featuring a discussion on the importance of rebuilding a marriage culture, plus: Hobby Lobby wins an 11th hour reprieve from Obamacare's birth-control mandate, Phil Boatwright reviews the family-friendly This is Our Time and a classic, The Guns of Navarone, our series Summer Vacations and Destinations, and more.

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Program Segments

Your Friday morning news summary

Gang of Eight immigration-reform garners an overwhelming 68 Senate votes, but faces uncertainty in the House

IRS chief faces hostile questions on Capitol Hill, as Republicans demand answers about the tax agency's targeting of conservative groups

President's climate change plan that features higher energy costs criticized for its impact on the global poor

Market report with Warren Cole Smith

Culture Friday with John Stonestreet

A discussion of the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage and the challenges it poses to a new generation of Christian leaders

Hobby Lobby wins 11th hour reprieve

Arts and crafts retailer wins court injunction, temporarily exempting it from compliance with HHS requirement to provide birth-control or face million-dollar-a-day fines

Boatwright on family friendly home video

Phil reviews a Christian-themed film that came out earlier this year, This is Our Time, and an action film from a half-century ago, The Guns of Navarone

Summer Vacations and Destinations

Listener Pamela Bowman tells about her family's baseball vacation — a trip to visit several major league baseball games at various ballparks in the Midwest

June 28, 2013


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