June 24, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Marriage and immigration, Baptists and Catholics on conscience, and Latino Democrats join pro-life Republicans in New York

Today's news and a preview of the Supreme Court's marriage decision with legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard, plus: the latest on immigration reform, Baptists and Catholics join forces to protect conscience rights, Latino Democrats in New York help Republicans stymie Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed abortion expansion, today's market report from Warren Cole Smith, and more

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Program Segments

A summary of the Monday morning news

Hong Kong, Russia, and Ecuador help NSA leaker Snowden escape prosecution

Political discussions between the Taliban and the U.S. and Afghan governments remain off-track.

Protests in Turkey against Erdogan government enter another week

Wall Street faces the new Fed reality that the central bank is about to end its quantitative easing

Anticipating a Supreme Court ruling on marriage

Legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard says if the high court affirms same-sex marriage rights, the justices threaten to "further erode a basic foundational institution"

On Sunday political talk TV: Debating immigration reform

Both backers and detractors of the Senate's immigration bill cite a Congressional Budget Office report to bolster competing arguments

Baptists and Catholics make common cause

WORLD Magazine Washington correspondent J.C. Derrick reports: America's two largest religious organizations push for conscience protection law

Pro-life Democrat in New York: "Stop the killing"

State Sen. Rubén Diaz joins with New York pro-life Republicans to stymie Gov. Andrew Cuomo's legislation to expand late-term abortions in New York.

Market report with WORLD's Warren Cole Smith

Wall Street begins a new week following traders' unhappy discovery that what's propped up the markets is nearing an end: the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing policy

June 24, 2013


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