June 5, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie calls a special election for Lautenberg’s Senate seat, Cal Thomas on the value of persistence, the IRS suffers another public embarrassment, Todd Wilken on ELCA's homosexual bishop, Susan Olasky on a wedding tradition gaining popularity

Today’s news and a report on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's calling a special election to fill the late Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat, plus: Cal Thomas commentary on the spelling-bee winner and the value of persistence, a report on the Capitol Hill appearance of IRS victims, against the backdrop of more embarrassing revelations about the tax agency, a conversation with Issues, Etc., host Todd Wilken on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America electing a homosexual bishop, Susan Olasky reports on a wedding tradition from Eastern Europe that’s gaining popularity, and more

Program Segments

Segment 1

A crucial U.S. Senate seat must be filled after the unexpected passing of Senator Frank Lautenberg

Supreme Court justices give police the authority to collect DNA samples from suspects

The French government has announced it can prove the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government

Acting commissioner of the IRS testifies on Capitol Hill

Market report

Segment 2

Governor Christie announces a special election for Lautenberg's Senate seat

Segment 3

Cal Thomas: How to spell persistence

Segment 4

Report lashes IRS for overspending, as Congress gives voice citizens targeted by the tax agency

Segment 5

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elects a homosexual bishop

Segment 6

Susan Olasky reports on an Eastern European wedding tradition that's gaining popularity

June 5, 2013


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