July 31, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Phony scandals, symbolism or substance on Obamacare, genuine compassion

Today’s news and an interview with oversight committee Congressman James Lankford on Washington scandals the president calls “phony,” plus: Capitol Hill Republicans divided on how aggressively to pursue defunding Obamacare, a special report on criticism of the Christian orphan-care movement and how orphan-care leaders are responding to it, and more

Program Segments

Wednesday morning news

Wikileaker Bradley Manning guilty on six counts of espionage, but cleared on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy.

President continues his campaign-style series of speeches on the economy, seeking a leg-up on Republicans are both sides gird for a September budget battle.

Pennsylvania governor’s office sues rogue county clerk who’s issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, even though state law forbids it.

Northwest Arkansas school district will arm teachers and staff, in a policy change intended to prevent another Newtown, Conn., school-shooting massacre.

Markets: Wall Street went into a holding pattern yesterday, with the Dow and the S&P 500 both ending the day essentially unchanged, as traders awaited news from the Federal Reserve.

Pushback on “phony scandals”

An interview with House Oversight and Government Reform Committee member Rep. James Lankford, one of the lawmakers looking into IRS and Benghazi scandals the president repeatedly says are “phony.”

Republican vs. Republican

GOP senators split on whether to take an aggressive stance against the White House on defunding Obamacare, and vow not to support any government-funding measure that contains “a single penny” for the controversial health-care law. 

The child catchers?

TW&E special correspondent Susan Olasky reports on criticism of the Christian orphan-care movement, and how orphan-care leaders are responding to it.

July 31, 2013


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