July 29, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Supreme unanimity, loss of faith, abortion protections, hot markets and cold economy

Today’s news and a conversation about the increasing number of unanimous rulings by the Supreme Court and what it means, plus: Cal Thomas on younger Americans’ loss of faith (in government), a report from North Carolina on that state’s protective new abortion law, market analysis by Warren Cole Smith, and more

Program Segments

Monday morning news

Senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill are trying to come up with must-do legislation to keep federal agencies running after Sept. 30 and prevent the possibility of a government shutdown. At issue: a stopgap measure to fund the government in the absence of congressional agreement on appropriations bills giving agencies their operating budgets for the full 2014 fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1

Intelligence chairman Rep. Mike Rogers defends the controversial NSA data-collection program, as the one tool the intelligence community has that will find a link between a foreign terrorist and one living in the U.S.

Escalating the confrontation after bloody clashes that resulted in the deaths of supporters of Egypt's ousted Islamist president dead, the interim government moved toward dismantling two pro-Mohammed Morsi sit-in camps, accusing protesters of terrorism and vowing to deal with them decisively. Many Egyptians accused the leaders of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood of trying to capitalize on the loss of life to win sympathy after millions took to the streets in a show of support for the military chief who ousted the Islamist government.

The Obama administration announced the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks following years of stalemate, after Israel's Cabinet agreed to release 104 Palestinian prisoners convicted of deadly attacks.

A Nigerian Christian leader says his people are being terrorized by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

Growing number of Supreme Court cases are decided unanimously

For all of the divisive, narrowly decided rulings the Supreme Court hands down … you might be surprised to learn that close to half of the rulings are unanimous. It’s been happening much more frequently under Chief Justice John Roberts … so much so legal affairs correspondent Mary Reichard has discerned a trend.

Commentary: Young people are losing their faith … in government

Columnist Cal Thomas notes that for every American who thinks serving in government is the best way to make positive changes in society, there are two who disagree. That’s according to a USA Today/Bipartisan Policy Center poll. The survey found by a two-to-one margin Americans believe volunteer organizations and charities are the positive change agents, not government. 

Governor prepares to sign North Carolina’s protective abortion law

In the wake of the May murder conviction of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Pennsylvania, North Carolina has become the latest state to pass measures aimed at tightening laws related to the abortion industry. 

Market report

Warren Cole Smith on our hot stock market and cold economy.

July 29, 2013


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