July 16, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Cal Thomas on Zimmerman, Star Parker on poverty, Jon Acuff on vocation

Today’s news and commentary from Cal Thomas on the Zimmerman case, reporters, and race, plus: writer and activist Star Parker on fighting poverty, bestselling author Jon Acuff on cultural lies about vocation, facing career fears, and excellence as faithfulness, and more

Program Segments

Tuesday morning news summary

NSA leaker Snowden claims to hold damaging info as leverage against U.S. authorities

Former President George H.W. Bush honored at the White House to present the 5,000th “Point of Light” voluntarism award

Attorney General Holder tells college audience acquitted shooter Zimmerman is not in the clear

Churches pray for peace and healing in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial

Market report: Retail sales disappoint, posting the weakest gain of the year and pointing to a still-soft recovery

Cal Thomas: The Zimmerman verdict and double standards

Commentary: The victim is no martyr and his killer is no hero, but that won’t stop reporters and demagogues from keeping America divided.

Overcoming broken schools, dysfunctional families, and the welfare state

Writer, activist Star Parker on moral education, personal responsibility, and free-market solutions to the problem of poverty.

Jon Acuff on vocation and faithfulness

New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff recommends excellence in both to persevere on the path to “awesome.” Info on his book “Start” and his upcoming “Start Conferences” here.
July 16, 2013


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