July 4, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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The policy and politics of delaying Obamacare, movies for the Fourth, Cal Thomas on the price of freedom

Today’s news and two experts on the policy and politics of the White House decision to delay Obamacare, plus: WORLD founder Joel Belz on why the unwieldy health law is coming unraveled, home video reviewer Phil Boatwright on patriotic movies, commentator Cal Thomas on what it means to be free, and more

Program Segments

Thursday morning news

Egypt’s military carries through on ultimatum, removing President Morsi, installing an interim head of state, and calling for elections within weeks

Arizona authorities say end in sight for massive wildfire that claimed 19 firefighters’ lives

Improving jobs picture drives modest gains on Wall Street before traders closed for the holiday

The policy and politics of Obamacare’s delay

Correspondent Kent Covington interviews Chris Jacobs of the Heritage Foundation on the practical impact of the surprise White House decision to delay the employer mandate provision of the health-insurance law and Geoff Skelley at the Center for Politics on the decision’s impact on 2014 races.

Joel Belz: The shipwreck of Obamacare

WORLD Magazine founder and commentator explains the Obamacare delay comes as no surprise to him. The law’s rendezvous with reality will continue and the result will likely harm society for a long time to come.

Patriotic films for the Fourth

Home video reviewer Phil Boatwright has a couple of strong, family-friendly recommendations

Cal Thomas: The price of freedom

A reminder on the Fourth of July: “Preserving freedom is commitment we must renew every generation. So on this, the 237th birthday of America, let's remember that and may freedom endure.”

July 4, 2013


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