July 3, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Green policies and their costs, family films and their profits, and another declaration of independence

Today’s news and analysis on a new Obama administration green policy likely to drive energy costs higher, plus: why family-friendly, uplifting films perform better at the box office, columnist Andrée Seu on a different kind of declaration of independence, and more

Program Segments

Your Wednesday morning news

White House gives businesses a one-year stay from Obamacare implementation, even as Catholic and Protestant groups prepare to fight for a conscience exception to the newly adopted birth-control mandate.

Allegations of U.S. spying in Europe threatens lucrative trade talks, as EU ministers demand “transparency” from Washington.

Arizonans still threatened by fires, still reeling from loss of heroic firefighters.

Egypt turmoil sours financial markets, despite positive economic news.

Obama global warming initiative promises higher energy costs

Economist and ethicist E. Calvin Beisner talks with our Kent Covington about planned Environmental Protection Agency carbon rules that will price out inexpensive electricity production.

A simple formula to make millions

Sex doesn’t sell, says Movieguide’s Ted Baehr. Uplifting films that follow a Christian worldview do.

Columnist Andrée Seu Peterson

Plenty of writings apart from our nation's founding have attempted to declare independence from God, but we know it all belongs to Him.

July 3, 2013


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