July 1, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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One last look at the Supreme Court term, Cal Thomas and the death of restraint, disabling Social Security

Today's news and a four-part review of the Supreme Court's hectic final week before the end of the term, plus: commentary by Cal Thomas on a generation doing what's right in its own eyes, a report on a House probe into the financial troubles facing the Social Security disability program, Warren Cole Smith on a busy week ahead for the markets, and more

Program Segments

A summary of Monday morning news

Immigration reform and a new star for abortion advocates on Sunday morning political talk TV

President Obama continues his six-day trip to Africa, where he outlines a plan of aid

Egypt's Morsi faces hundreds of thousands of protesters on the one-year anniversary of his ascension to the presidency

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers is calling on the president to seek congressional approval before arming the Syrian opposition

A hectic final week for the Supreme Court

Legal affairs correspondent Mary Reichard reviews high court rulings on affirmative action in college admissions, the Voting Rights Act, the Defense of Marriage Act, and California's Proposition 8

The Supremes on marriage: Throwing off all restraint

Commentator Cal Thomas says: "Even a secular person ought to answer a question before removing such an important cultural underpinning as traditional marriage: If marriage is no longer to be reserved for one man and one woman, as it has for millennia in many different cultures and religions, what is the new standard and on what is it based?"

Congress looks into possible mismanagement in the Social Security disability program

Americans receiving disability benefits has doubled since President Obama took office, and House oversight investigators are looking into questions that administrative law judges are being pressured to approve benefits appeals.

Money and markets with Warren Cole Smith

A review of last week on Wall Street and a look ahead for global financial markets.

July 1, 2013


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