Dec. 23, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Legal Docket, Dollars and Sense, abstinence and grace

Today’s news and legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard on the marriage battle, plus: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports on the state of the economy, commentator Ginny Barker on grace and abstinence within the church, and more

Program Segments

Monday news

NSA reform: Defenders and critics of the NSA are sounding off as the president ponders reform of the agency. White House spokesman Jay Carney last week said the president is mulling over the advice of a panel of five legal and intelligence experts, but probably won’t share his thoughts until after the holidays.

Dealing with death: Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma is opening up about the death of his son and how his family is coping with the loss. 52 year old Perry Inhofe died last month when a plane he was piloting lost engine power.

Obamacare deadline: Today is an important Obamacare deadline as it is the last day to enroll in a health insurance plan for coverage beginning January 1st, although health care shoppers still have until December 31st to make their first payment.

Legal Docket: The marriage battle

Legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard discusses the legal side of the marriage battle as two more states throw out long-standing understandings of marriage. 

The Fed speaks, the market spikes, employment stays sluggish

Warren Cole Smith covers the money beat for WORLD News Group. Read his online column, “Dollars and Sense.

Abstinence and grace

Commentator Ginny Barker lives in North Carolina. She blogs at

Dec. 23, 2013


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