Aug. 20, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Reviewing “The Life of Muhammad,” biblical engagement, sparks fly over “I’ll Fly Away”

Today’s news and a review of PBS’s three-hour documentary on the founder of Islam, The Life of Muhammad, propagandistic fare that sidesteps critical questions, plus: a new generation of Christians and Bible engagement, a court battle over “I’ll Fly Away,” and more.

Program Segments

Tuesday morning news

Egypt developments: Former President Mubarak ordered released by Egyptian court. Ex-religious freedom commissioner calls on the White House to weigh in on the side of Christians persecuted by Islamist mobs.

Media: Pan-Arab news channel Al Jazeera America debuts on U.S. cable systems. 

Business/economy: Poor state unemployment figures suggest a tepid jobs market cooling further; Wall Street follows up the worst week of the year with another down day.

Reviewing PBS’s “The Life of Muhammad”

Three-hour documentary on Islam’s founder debuts tonight on public television. TW&E’s film and television critic Megan Basham calls it a propagandistic piece that sidesteps the most difficult challenges to the religion at the core of most of the world’s political and military turmoil.

A new generation of Christians and Bible engagement

The first of two-part series — from WORLD News Group’s Christina Darnell — about the lack of “Bible engagement” in America. And what happens when Christians don’t spend time with the Scriptures.

“A few more weary days”

Last week the U-S 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Ohio ordered more hearings in the matter of just who owns the rights and royalties to the American classic “I’ll Fly Away.”

Aug. 20, 2013


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