Aug. 15, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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IRS and pulpit freedom, liberty amendments, Uncle Sam records, and NYC sharks

Today’s news and a new report that recommends the IRS’s power to chill pulpit freedom be revoked, plus: commentary by Cal Thomas on a book that argues for the need to restore constitutional boundaries with a series of “liberty amendments,” plus: when Uncle Sam became a record producer, an NYC subway shark, and more

Program Segments

Thursday morning news

Egypt: A crackdown by riot police in Cairo on Muslim Brotherhood protest sites leads to hundreds of deaths.

Politics: Both former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife will serve prison sentences arising from separate felonies related to the misspending of about $750,000 in campaign funds. Jackson will serve two and a half years in prison, his wife will spend one year behind bars. 

Israel: First substantial peace talks in five years get underway between Israel and the Palestinians.

Religion: The status of Jerusalem will be among core issues discussed at the US-brokered peace talks.

Business: A big down day on Wall Street led by a poor bellwether retail earnings report.

Report: IRS power to chill religious speech should be ended

After months of revelations of IRS abuse of conservative organizations, a new report is proposing to cut the power of the IRS to chill free speech. A diverse panel called the Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations is calling for an end to the IRS ban on political speech from the pulpit. 

Commentary: Rebuild the constitutional boundaries

Commentator Cal Thomas says, “Much of government’s dysfunction, cost, and overreach can be traced to one simple thing: the abandonment of the constitutional boundaries the Founders put in place.”  He commends Mark R. Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments” as a possible antidote.

When Uncle Sam became a record producer

To boost troop morale during World War II, the War Department created V-Discs — government-produced recordings featuring many of the top singers and bands of the period.

Some V-Disc recordings are available for purchase here.

Off-beat newsbeat: Shark found on NYC subway

Albin Sadar ponders some of the bizarre things seen on the subway in New York City.
Aug. 15, 2013


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