Aug. 5, 2013
The World and Everything in It

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Warrantless phone records, NSA protested and defended, Egypt and markets

Today’s news and legal analysis of an appellate court’s ruling that government needs no warrant to seize cell-phone location records, plus: U.S. restates a call to restraint in Egypt but also support for “transition” away from Islamist Morsi, Americans protest NSA snooping policies after agency head defended them before an audience of hackers, a market report, and more.

Program Segments

Monday morning news

Security forces closed roads, put up extra blast walls, and increased patrols near some of the more than 20 U.S. diplomatic missions in the Muslim world that Washington had ordered closed for the weekend following warnings of a possible al-Qaeda attack. The State Department announced yesterday the posts will be closed at least through the end of this week, out of "an abundance of caution," not because of a new threat.

Russia's decision to grant asylum to Edward Snowden has upset the Obama administration and enraged Congress. The White House warned the move could derail an upcoming Russian summit with Obama and some lawmakers suggested boycotting the 2014 Olympics.

Israeli leaders doubt new Iranian president’s moderate image, see no difference between Hasan Rouhani and outgoing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Markets: The economy added 162,000 jobs last month, the smallest gain since March. And gainful full-time employment was especially hard to come by. Most of the july growth came in the form of low-paying and part-time jobs.

Legal Docket: Digital privacy and the courts

In a case almost certainly to wind up before the Supreme Court, a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals last week handed down a controversial 2-1 decision held that government needs no search warrant to access cell phone site records from telecom providers. Analysis from legal-affairs correspondent Mary Reichard.

Egypt: Morsi backers keep up protests, Washington backs “transition”

Washington calls on Egypt’s military government to use restraint but has signaled to Morsi backers it supports a process “that helps Egypt’s ongoing transition succeed,” in other words, it won’t support the resumption of the Islamist’s presidency.

Protesting and defending government surveillance

Protesters staged rallies in nearly 20 U.S. cities Sunday, decrying the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance program. The protests came days after NSA chief General Keith Alexander defended the program in a speech to computer-security professionals meeting at the annual Black Hat conference.

Dollars and sense

As the economy trudges along, the stock market continues to hit record highs.

Aug. 5, 2013


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