March 10, 2012
The World and Everything in It

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Syria, Greece, and Sudan; presidential politics, a faith-based farce, and the contraceptive mandate; tornado season and God's sovereignty - plus: Henry Mancini, Lord Carey, and Rush Limbaugh

Syria on the brink of disaster, GOP delegate math, Greece and the investor haircut, a faith-based farce and the contraceptive mandate, and Sudan's second Darfur in the Nuba Mountains; theologian Russell Moore on the tornado season and the sovereignty of God; the graying of divorce; remembering Jeremiah Small, Robert Sherman, and Steve Bridges; The Olasky Interview, home-video reviews, markets and the economy with Warren Cole Smith, and the TW&E History Book; plus: Henry Mancini, Rush Limbaugh, and Lord Carey

Program Segments

Hour A, Segment 1

Syrian government steps up violence against its own people

Delegate math in the GOP presidential race

Read "The race continues" by World News Group reporter Emily Belz.

  • The Wall Street Journal is tracking the presidential delegate numbers here

Hour A, Segment 2

Natural disasters and a sovereign God

Murdered Christian teacher Jeremiah Small laid to rest in Iraq

Dr. Russell Moore is the dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky. His website is here.

Learn more about Jeremiah Small in "A rush of life" by World News Group editor Mindy Belz.

Hour A, Segment 3

Reviews from the home-video screening room

Remembering songwriter Robert B. Sherman

Phil Boatwright reviews films at This week on TW&E, he talks about the recent DVD release The Greening of Whitney Brown and the 1963 classic The Great Escape.

In 2008, Robert Sherman and his songwriting partner (and brother) Richard were awarded a National Medal of Arts. They were commended for their "unforgettable songs and optimistic lyrics that have brought magic to the screen and stage."

Hour A, Segment 4

U.S. divorce rate among those 50-plus has doubled over the past two decades

British government announces intent to re-define marriage

Read reporter Susan Gregory Thomas's Wall Street Journal essay "The Gray Divorcés."

Also see the WSJ story "What Are the Risk Factors?"

The Telegraph reported on Britain's marriage battle in "David Cameron Faces Church Backlash Over 'Cultural Vandalism.'" Also see "The Church of England and Same Sex Marriage" from The American Spectator.

Learn more about the UK group, Coalition for Marriage.

Hour A, Segment 5

The Limbaugh controversy has a lesson for all of us

Commentator Janie B. Cheaney is a columnist for World News Group.

Hour B, Segment 1

The White House Office of Faith-Based Farce?

Catholic leaders stand firm against birth-control mandate

The largest restructuring of government debt in history

Solar flare flop

Jim Towey, president of Ave Maria University, writes about his concerns regarding the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships here.

"We did not ask for this fight, but we will not run from it." So wrote Timothy Cardinal Dolan in a letter (PDF) to his fellow bishops regarding the Obama administration's attempt to force religious employers to provide insurance plans that cover contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

The Associated Press reported on the Greek debt deal.

Hour B, Segment 2

The Olasky Interview: Novelist N.D. Wilson

N.D. Wilson's novels for young adults include the 100 Cupboards trilogy and the Ashtown Burials series. Preview his 2009 Christian apologetics book Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl here (via Google Books).

Marvin Olasky's full interview with Nate Wilson is available on YouTube.

Read an excerpt from the interview published in the March 10 issue of WORLD Magazine.

Hour B, Segment 3

A new biography of composer/arranger Henry Mancini

John Caps' book, Henry Mancini: Reinventing Film Music, is published by the University of Illinois Press.

Hour B, Segment 4

Another genocide in Sudan?

Remembering comedian and impressionist Steve Bridges

"Former UN official in Sudan warns of crimes against humanity, oncoming hunger in Nuba Mts" by Jason Straziuso of the Associated Press.

Learn more about how to help the Nuba people of Sudan at

The Associated Press reported on the death of Steve Bridges, who died last weekend at the age 48. In 2006, Bridges—appearing as President George W. Bush—did a comedy routine with the real President Bush at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner. Watch the video here.

Hour B, Segment 5

The TW&E History Book

  • March 9-10, 1804 — In St. Louis, formal ceremonies are held to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from Spain to France to the United States. The United States bought the 800,000-square-mile territory for $15 million.
  • March 10, 1876 — Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call.
March 10, 2012


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