Sept. 3, 2011
The World and Everything in It

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News, reviews, and interviews: presidential politics, foreign policy, education, television, books, compassion, and the church

In this week's program, news reports on the economy, jobs, and Congress; an interview with panelist Robbie George on Monday's GOP presidential debate; WORLD cultural reviews on BBC America's "The Hour" and a collection of murder mystery novels, plus a scientific appreciation of "Star Trek"; a discussion with Mindy Belz on the two-track war on al-Qaeda; also: Hope Award finalist Challenge House, school vouchers, and commentary by Joel Belz, Andrée Seu, and more.

Program Segments

Hour B, Segment 5

History book: Great Fire of London (Sept. 2, 1666), Japan formally surrenders aboard USS Missouri (Sept. 2 1945), Munich massacre (Sept. 5, 1972), President Ford escapes an assassination attempt in Sacramento, Calif. (Sept. 5, 1975), opening of the first Solidarity National Congress in Poland (Sept. 5, 1981).

Hour B, Segment 4

Indiana school vouchers include the choice of private education. Read the news coverage on the education vouchers in Indiana. Joel Belz on the government’s role in education.

Hour B, Segment 3

Book Nook: Susan Olasky reviews four crime novels. Susan Olasky’s book reviews (WORLD Magazine, Sept. 10). Dick Cheney publishes political memoir. In his new book, Cheney reveals he advised bombing Syria. Get In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir for your iPad or in hardback from Amazon.

Hour B, Segment 2

“Bad news” about the health of the church isn’t so. "Religion and the Bad News Bearers." Related: "Not dead yet" (WORLD Magazine, Aug. 27). Finalist in the Effective Compassion competition: Challenge House. Read WORLD’s coverage of Challenge House (WORLD Magazine, June 18). More information on Challenge House. Cast your vote in WORLD’s 2011 Effective Compassion competition.

Hour B, Segment 1

Job numbers and regulations (jobs report: unemployment rate stays at 9.1 percent, but economy adds no jobs in August), economy: dismal August jobs report, Warren Smith on the markets, and David Petraeus announces retirement and issues a warning (as he retires from the military, Petraeus warns against deep Pentagon cuts).

Hour A, Segment 5

Commentary: Andrée Seu on a dangerous film: Dr. Zhivago. "The seduction of Andrée Seu" (WORLD Magazine, Feb. 12).

Hour A, Segment 4

Al-Qaeda on the ropes?: An interview with WORLD editor Mindy Belz. On the road to reconstruction, by Mindy Belz (WORLD Magazine, Sept. 10). Too soon for legitimacy for Libyan rebels (WORLD Magazine, Sept. 10).

Hour A, Segment 3

Megan Basham reviews BBC America’s The Hour. Read Megan Basham’s full review of The Hour (WORLD Magazine, Sept. 10). Science of Star Trek. NASA astrophysicist David Allen Batchelor on the technological influence of Star Trek, which debuted on NBC 45 years ago this month. Batchelor’s 2011 novel, The Metalmark Contract, is available via

Hour A, Segment 2

GOP debate preview: Panelist Robert George talks about raising the tone of the Republican presidential campaign. Where to watch the Labor Day presidential forum in South Carolina. The American Principles Project.

Hour A, Segment 1

An update on Libya, Congress returns, and Marvin Olasky on Rick Perry. "Seizing the moment," by Marvin Olasky (WORLD Magazine, Sept. 10).
Sept. 3, 2011


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