Oct. 23, 2011
The World and Everything in It

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News, reviews, and interviews: songs of the recent political movements, film review of 'The Big Year,' Phill Kline on his indefinite suspension, Susan Olasky examines historical novels, and a discussion about bailing out Greece

In this week's program, a post-debate interview with David Brody, a look at the songs of policial movements, an interview with Phill Kline regarding his indefinite suspension, economics analysis with Warren Cole Smith, news coverage on California's park cross case, Susan Olasky reviews four historical novels, an interview with David Skeel on Greece's economic woes, and much more.

Program Segments

Hour A, Segment 1

Effects of Qaddafi killing felt far and wide

Post-debate interview with CBN chief political correspondent David Brody

Iowa to hold caucuses on Jan. 3

  • Read political blog The Brody File.
  • Reporter Joel Hannahs covers the Midwest, including the Iowa caucuses, for WORLD News Group.

Hour A, Segment 2

A profile of class envy with Marvin Olasky

A look at the songs of recent political movements and protests

  • WORLD Magazine editor in chief writes about battling class envy here.
  • The Associated Press recently reported on Tea Party music. Watch a video of "Big Government Blues." Aimee Allen's "Ron Paul Revolution" video is here.

Hour A, Segment 3

Steve Moore says The Big Year is good, but doesn't match the entertainment of birds themselves.

Hour A, Segment 4

Former attorney general Phill Kline discusses his recent indefinite suspension

  • A Kansas ethics panel has called for Phill Kline, the state's former attorney general who prosecuted Planned Parenthood, to lose his law license. Is it a political vendetta? Learn more here.
  • Read Les Sillars WORLDmag.com Web Extra.

Hour A, Segment 5

Small towns celebrate with fall festival activities

Hour B, Segment 1

Israeli Defense Forces soldier Gilad Schalit freed

Obama on the road

Economic roundup

Washington sets new spending record

  • Warren Cole Smith covers the economy and markets for WORLD News Group.
  • ZeroHedge.com reports that for the first time since World War II, U.S. debt will officially surpass GDP on Halloween.

Hour B, Segment 2

California's 9th Circuit will not rehear the park cross case

King Memorial has no mention of God or King's role as a pastor

Senate Finance Committee gives incentives for charitable giving

Remembering the life of Norman Corwin

  • Read Sen. Orrin Hatch's opening statement at the Senate Finance Committee's Oct. 18 hearing on tax incentives for charitable giving.
  • Read the Los Angeles Times' obituary of Norman Corwin, the"poet laureate of radio."

Hour B, Segment 3

Susan Olasky reviews four historical novels

A 1970s bestseller turns out to be a hoax

Hour B, Segment 4

President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas on why the economy is stuck

Interview with David Skeel regarding Greece's economic woes

  • Richard W. Fisher is president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. He was interviewed this week by the Associated Press.
  • David Skeel is the S. Samuel Arsht Professor of Corporate Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Hour B, Segment 5

The TW&E History Book:

  • Oct. 22, 1962 - President John F. Kennedy announces an air and naval blockade of Cuba, following the discovery of Soviet missile bases on the island.
  • Oct. 23, 1983 - A suicide truck-bombing at Beirut International Airport in Lebanon kills 220 U.S. Marines, 18 sailors and 3 Army soldiers; a near-simultaneous attack on French forces kills 58 paratroopers.
  • Oct. 23, 2001 - Apple introduces the iPod portable digital music player. See a 2001 promotional video here.
Oct. 23, 2011


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