Nov. 5, 2011
The World and Everything in It

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News, reviews, and interviews: a look at musical politicians, a conversation with Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, Susan Olasky discusses three new books, a speech from Paul Ryan, and Billy Graham turns 93

In this week's program, an interview with Ted Cruz, a look at musical politicians, a conversation with Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist, economics roundup with Warren Cole Smith, a notable speech from Paul Ryan at the Heritage Foundation, Susan Olasky reviews four books about God's work in the world, an interview with author Scott Lamb, and much more.

Program Segments

Hour B, Segment 5

The TW&E History Book

  • Nov. 5, 1605—The unsuccessful 1605 Gunpowder Plot sought to kill King James I and members of Parliament.
  • Nov. 7, 1917—Vladimir Lenin seizes power in Russia, the start of decades of deadly communism.
  • Nov. 5, 1968—Richard Nixon beats Vice President Hubert Humphrey and Alabama Gov. George Wallace to win the presidency.

Hour B, Segment 4

The World Champion St. Louis Cardinals lose La Russa—and maybe Albert Pujols too?

  • Scott Lamb is director of research for Albert Mohler, the president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and the co-author of Pujols: More Than the Game (Thomas Nelson).

Hour B, Segment 3

Book Nook: Reviews by Susan Olasky

  • WORLD News Group senior writer Susan Olasky reviews God Is Red by Liao Yiwu (Harper Collins), A Heart for Freedom by Chai Ling (Tyndale House), and Out of the Far Corners: An Epic Tale of Rejection, Grace, and Deliverance by Peter Iliyn (YWAM Publishing). Read more about these books.

Hour B, Segment 2

Notable Speeches: 'Saving the American Idea'

Hour B, Segment 1

Greece reaps what it sowed

U.S. economic train gathering steam?

Radio preacher Harold Camping issues an apology

  • Reporter Warren Cole Smith covers the economy and the markets for WORLD News Group.

Hour A, Segment 5

Decades of Billy Graham's sermons now online

Hour A, Segment 4

Date of New Hampshire primary set

A conversation with Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist

Remembering Revolutionary War patriot Joseph Warren

Hour A, Segment 3

Musical politicians

  • Herman Cain's 1996 gospel album Sunday Morning is available as an mp3 download from
  • A recording of President Harry Truman playing Debussy's "Premiere Arabesque" is here.
  • Learn more about former Vice President (and Nobel Peace Prize recipient) Charles G. Daws, composer of the tune used for the pop standard, "It's All in the Game."

Hour A, Segment 2

Supreme Court refuses to hear case about roadside crosses in Utah.

Hour A, Segment 1

Congress subpoenas White House materials on funding to now-bankrupt 'green energy' company

Media feeding frenzy over thinly sourced allegations about Herman Cain

  • Read Emily Belz's Web Extra report on the Solyndra subpoenas.
  • Read more about the decision by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations to subpoena White House documents.
  • The Media Research Center analyzed the "unrelenting network coverage" of the Cain story.
Nov. 5, 2011


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