Aug. 20, 2011
The World and Everything in It

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Cohabitation a greater threat to kids than divorce, WORLD's book nook, a visit to the Bowery Women's Center, interview with Fox News' Cal Thomas

In this week's program, Nick Eicher interviews professor Bradford Wilcox, who released a report this week on a new threat to children worse even than divorce - cohabiting parents; WORLD's Susan Olasky reviews four books on educating and disciplining kids; an interview with Cal Thomas; the Hope Award for Effective Compassion and a profile the Bowery Mission Women's Center; and much more.

Program Segments

Hour A, Segment 1

News review: Obama and jobs, calling down Syria’s Assad, legal battle over health law, and market watch.

Hour A, Segment 2

Why marriage matters: New study finds cohabitation a bigger threat to kids than divorce. Get the study. More on W. Bradford Wilcox and the National Marriage Project.

Hour A, Segment 3

Book nook: A review of four books on educating and disciplining kids. WORLD senior writer Susan Olasky’s review (WORLD Magazine, Aug. 27).

Hour A, Segment 4

News: Illinois expands “safe haven” law. Critics blast L.A. law enforcement relationship with Islamic advocacy group. "CAIR’s cops: FBI won’t work with a controversial Islamic group but the Los Angeles County Sheriff maintains close ties" (WORLD magazine, Aug. 27).

Hour A, Segment 5

Commentary: Are U.S. economic doldrums tied to a spiritual downturn? WORLD editor Mindy Belz’s column (WORLD magazine, Aug. 27).

Hour B, Segment 1

Michele Bachmann and her enemies. "Secular leaps of faith," by Janie B. Cheaney (, Aug. 15). The London riots, a triumph of the entitlement culture,: Interview with columnist Cal Thomas. "Explanations and excuses for English riots," by Cal Thomas (, Aug. 16)

Hour B, Segment 2

All that glitters is paper: financial writer Charles Kadlec on the August 1971 closing of the gold window. Read “Nixon’s Colossal Monetary Error: The Verdict 40 Years Later.” Learn more about Charles Kadlec and about

Hour B, Segment 3

Writers read: Author Andrée Seu from Won’t Let You Go Unless You Bless Me. Purchase Andrée Seu’s book from World & Life Books.

Hour B, Segment 4

WORLD’s 2011 Hope Award for Effective Compassion: A profile of the East Region winner, Bowery Mission Women’s Center. "Safe house" (WORLD Magazine, July 30). Read more about The Hope Award.

Hour B, Segment 5

History book: Lincoln/Douglas debates begin (Aug. 21, 1858), Hitler becomes Führer in Germany (Aug. 19, 1934), LBJ’s signs “war on poverty” bill (Aug. 20, 1964), Crushing the Prague Spring (Aug. 20, 1968), and the ELCA OKs homosexual ministers (Aug. 21, 2009).
Aug. 20, 2011


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