The World and Everything in It

July 23, 2014
The World and Everything in It

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What can America do to help in the Israeli conflict, White House Wednesday, the 2014 Hope Award, the priest in the press box

Today’s news and commentary from Cal Thomas on an American solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, plus: a conversation about 2016 presidential potential Rick Perry, spotlighting a contender for the 2014 Hope Award for Effective Compassion, profiling a priest who also works as a baseball announcer, and more

Program Segments

Wednesday news

Obamacare: Two separate appeals courts gave conflicting rulings on Obamacare subsidies Tuesday.

Hamas: An Israeli fighter drops a bomb on a suspected Hamas stronghold in Gaza. 

Border control: Some Democrats are sending the message that the southern border is open.

Business/economy: WORLD News Group’s Warren Cole Smith reports that stocks rose on Tuesday.

Commentary: What can America do in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict?

Commentator Cal Thomas provides insight into how America could be helpful in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

White House Wednesday: Rick Perry

Rick Perry, 2016 potential presidential candidate, is highlighted in the new TW&E series, White House Wednesday. 

WORLD’s 2014 annual Hope Award for Effective Compassion

Today the second of three reports showcasing Compassion International, the winner in our International category. Learn more about the Hope Award competition at

The priest in the press box

Father Craig Collison, a Catholic priest, is also the public address announcer for the Sioux City Explorers in Sioux City, Iowa.

July 23, 2014


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